December 2022

Things to Consider when Buying Rural

Posted on Dec 28, 2022

In today's market, a lot of buyers are looking for rural properties. They're looking to get out of town, maybe away from their neighbors, not having people right on top of them. They want to be away. But no, so not so far away that they're giving up amenities, so close to schools shopping.

Groceries, that sort of thing. As a prospective buyer, you w...

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What is a Clean Offer?

Posted on Dec 21, 2022

What is a clean offer, otherwise known as a firm offer in a seller's market? You might hear this term thrown around by either sellers or buyer's agents, and it's a term that's used when an offer is submitted without any conditions. It's also considered a contingency offer. Which could be the reason as to why another offer could fall through.

Now, th...

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Why Port Stanley is a Fun Place to Live

Posted on Dec 16, 2022

What are some of the things or people which make Port Stanley a fun place to live? Port Stanley obviously is known for its beaches. We've been a a blue flag beach for a number of years now. We have seen a huge influence of people coming down enjoying the the summer events and festivities that take place.

We've got the Port Stanley Festival Theater...

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St. Thomas November Real Estate Stats

Posted on Dec 12, 2022

The November stats are in the average home price coming in at $515,180. Now this is down 15% from November, 2021. St. Thomas saw 81 new listings. Now this was up 6.6% and median days on market at 38 and a half. This. Six days again from this time last year. Now what does this all mean? So compared to last month in October, the average home price is...

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