St. Thomas November Real Estate Stats

The November stats are in the average home price coming in at $515,180. Now this is down 15% from November, 2021. St. Thomas saw 81 new listings. Now this was up 6.6% and median days on market at 38 and a half. This. Six days again from this time last year. Now what does this all mean? So compared to last month in October, the average home price is actually up $6,000 and the listings are actually down from 90 to to 81 this month.

So there are less listings coming on the market as you would expect coming into the holidays. Season, less people wanting to move over the holidays or be bothered with family and friends. And you don't want to have people coming through your door. So there is less inventory out there, which means the buyer demand has remained the same and people are still looking to buy homes.

So regardless of the time of year, I believe it's still a good time of year to buy and or sell.