8 Energy Saving Tips

Are you looking to save some money this winter season around the home? Here are eight energy saving tips for you. Number one, when you're not home, switch off the lights or set lights to timers so they're not constantly running. Number two, seal any unwanted leaks from possible faucets or uh, fixtures on the exterior side of the home.

Number three, unplug any electronics that are not being used. Number four, fix any leaky faucets or toilets that might be. Number five, update any old or outdated appliances. New appliances are more energy efficient. Number six, update and or replace your furnace filters. These should be changed every quarter.

Number seven, use an area rug. This will help to make the floor feel a lot warmer on the feet. And number eight, probably the most important is to turn down the heat. My dad always said, if you're cold, put a sweater.