How Tech Tools Changed Real Estate

Are buyers more knowledgeable with tech tools like Zillow and how Sigma? Yes. Buyers are more knowledgeable to what maybe what is sold in the area. So you they're able to see what the listing price is and then what the sale price is which does give them an an added level of knowledge. But again, they're not familiar with with the market trends or necessarily market conditions that would've caused a specific home to sell, for a specific amount.

There are many variables that come into like multiple offers or bully offers. Was it a distress sale? Did that listed agent price the house below market value to increase the amount of interest or or what the situation is? So it, yes, it does provide additional information that they wouldn't have had before that maybe just the real estate agents would've had.

But it doesn't provide full insight into the whole scope of what the market is doing.