Best Day to Close a House

Which is the best day to close a house, ideally Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The reason being, we used to see a lot of closings on Fridays, and what happens is obviously lawyers are overwhelmed with the amount of closings, but let's say there's a hiccup and maybe the financing doesn't come through, or the communication with the other side of lawyer closing documents that are processed on time and the house doesn't close.

That will have to carry into over the weekend, Saturday, Sunday, onto the following Monday, so you could be without a home for that amount of time. So ideally, if you have the ability to close on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, this does allow a little bit of grace period during a business day if it has to be carried to the next day.

Now these things do happen. Not uncommon, don't fret if it does, but be sure to align yourself with a good realtor and good real estate lawyer. Hope you found this information useful.