House Flipping Personal Tips

Have you ever flipped a house and what was it like? Yes, I have flipped a house. I'm actually in the process of doing my second house. It's basically it's a lot of time, money, and effort. You've gotta have all the right contacts if you're not doing the, renovations and that stuff yourself.

So you're gonna have to have a, contractor do a lot of the work, a plumber, an electrician. Definitely a lot of work. There is a, there's a lot of upside to it as well. In a busy market like it is today, you're able to purchase a home hopefully off market. That's where you're gonna get your best deal as a buyer today.

Not necessarily for the seller, but you find maybe a home that's in distress that needs renovations or needs improvements. So if you're able to come across those and, you're able to have the contacts and the time, money, and effort to do it can be very profitable. So if you are looking to, I'd be happy to help if if you're gonna go down that route.