Is House Flipping Profitable in 2022?

Is house flipping still viable in 2022? And the answer is yes. There's opportunity out there. You just have to find it. So a lot of houses that are going to market today, you're gonna have to compete with other buyers, which are either investors other flippers first time home buyers, or potentially people looking to downsize.

There's a lot of people in that market, so you're gonna compete with them if you're able to. Find a house off market. That's obviously the best case scenario. But again, as a real estate agent, I always advise a client before they sell. You're welcome to sell it privately, but it's in your best interest to take the house to market.

Even houses on the market are, still viable. You just have to buy it right. You want to buy the cheapest house in the nicest area, and again, that's gonna help your upside when you turn around and go to sell the house. Key things to remember. Definitely have a budget in mind cuz when you're going into it, you don't want to blow the budget and all of a sudden the house is worth so much more than the comparable homes in the area. It's gonna be a tougher one to sell.