Why People Love St. Thomas Ontario

What are some people or things that make St. Thomas a fun place to live? Iconically St. Thomas is known for the fact that they killed Jumbo, and we have a statue of Jumbo on on Talbot Street. Probably not the, one of the most famous things we want to be recognized for. More recently, we've got we've got a famous hockey player, Joe Thornton who's come outta St. Thomas. 

We've got a famous actress, which would be Rachel McAdams, who's come outta St. Thomas. 
I think for the longest time, St. Thomas has been popular with family based businesses. So customer service you can go to your local electronic shop and you know the guy you're buying a television from. You could go to the tire shop across the road and you know who you're buying your tires from. When it comes to restaurants, There's a lot of small family run restaurants, which makes some of the best food you can find.

St. Thomas has proximity to London, so you're really only a 20 minute drive in the event that something wasn't available in town, you can drive two hours down to Buffalo or two hours into Toronto. So we're centrally located.