Do You Have To Clean Before Moving?

When you sell a home, do you need to have it cleaned? And the answer is yes officially. When you sell a home and you vacate the property, it should be clean and broom swept, and free from any garbage and debris. As well as appliances that are no longer working. You don't want to turn that over to the the buyer.

Now we have got it written into clauses now in the agreement of purchase and sale that that these things be done because some people just left a whole bunch of junk in that at a house. And obviously there, there's reason why we've got these things implemented. So yes, be a good person if you are selling your home.

You're passing it on to somebody else, clean the home, clean out the fridge, get rid of all the garbage and debris. It would just be much appreciated for those those buyers, which are really excited to move into their new home.