Steps to Buying Your First Home

 You wanna align yourself with a good mortgage agent. You wanna make sure your financing is in order. So if you have any student loans, car loans, any debts, anything like that, you get that sorted out. You want to start saving for your down payment. So RSPs are a good way to take advantage of that.

Obviously, a very good real estate agent that's gonna help you or guide you through the way of purchasing your first. This is obviously the first time that you're doing it. This might be my hundredth time doing it. And I might have some useful information, tips and tricks on that. Mom and dad are great, but again, probably the last time they purchased the home might have been 20, 30, 40 years ago.

They may not be well versed in in what the market is doing today, as well as Construction homes and and things to look for a good mortgage agent is your, first step, getting your financing in order, and then finding a realtor that's fluent in working with first time home buyers.