A Day In The Life

 A busy day. I wish I could be like my mentors that I or my podcast guys or they're up at at five o'clock in the morning, they have their protein shake and then they go hit the gym and then they answer their phone calls and emails at 9:00 AM and, that sort of thing.

But unfortunately that's not the way I roll these days. We usually like to sleep in until about eight o'clock, 8:30 - 9:00. At which time I, I get up brush my teeth and get ready for the day at that at that time then I'll pick up my phone and, take a look and see if I've got any text messages or emails.

And that's how that's how the day starts. The day as a whole lots of phone calls, lots of emails, lots of text messages, paperwork, getting in face of new clients, setting up new business. That would be a a busy day as well as try to be a husband, try to be a dad and and live a social life in between with your with your family and friends.