My Viral Haunted Listing Campaign

 Oh, yes. The viral haunted listing. So we were selling a manse to a church. It had been on the market for a couple weeks. We hadn't really been getting much action. We were coming into the beginning of October and I thought it would be a great idea to have a marketing campaign that said not haunted on the, on the listing or on the sign.

And people would drive by. And then all of a sudden, my phone started to ring. I would get calls and, and texts. And my social media would get comments "is the house actually haunted"? And they're just saying, it's not haunted to try to sell it, or is this just kind of a, a marketing strategy?

And, uh, we ended up having two people call that were paranormal specialist to say that they wanted to come in and do a cleansing on the home to make sure any of the spirits where we're gone.

So ended up getting a call for the local paper. And we did a, we did a little photo shoot there with, you know, Dallas out there, a non haunted sign. And, uh, it was, it was a great little promo going into the Halloween season. The buyers ended up wanting to keep the sign as a souvenir.